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If you are looking for Pool Standings, Schedules, League or Tournament Information - You found the place!!! Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! imkpool@gmail.com

 Good Luck and Good Shooting!


Iron Mountain Women's Pool League starts 9/12/17. Schedules and rules will be delivered by 9/5/17.

Kingsford Men's Invitational Pool League starts 10/2/17. Schedules and rules will be delivered by 9/25/17.


Notes: I can't seem to get the links back in the menu. So until I resolve this, here are your links:

Womens Standings: www.imkpoolleagues.com/womensstandings.htm

Women's Schedule: www.imkpoolleagues.com/womensschedule.htm

Women's Rules: www.imkpoolleagues.com/womensrules.htm

Women's By-Laws: www.imkpoolleagues.com/womenbylaws.htm

Men's Standings: www.imkpoolleagues.com/mensstandings.htm

Men's Schedule: www.imkpoolleagues.com/mensschedule.htm

Men's Rules: www.imkpoolleagues.com/mensrules.htm

Men's By-Laws: www.imkpoolleagues.com/mensbylaws.htm







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